Types of Online Betting Bonus

Online bookmakers, such as poker sbobet, usually use bonus to attract new players and maintain the existing. But, have we actually known everything about this bonus? The fact is, there is we don’t. Something hidden behind the curtain, waiting to be revealed.

Online Betting Bonus

Online Bookmakers and Bonus

Who doesn’t like bonus? It’s absolutely perfect when someone offers you free money to be used on the platform. Thanks to this bonus, we can prevent more loss while making more profit. But, how does this bonus actually work? And is it just one type of bonus?

Well, actually, there are several types of bonus. You may have heard some of them.

Types of online betting bonus

In this article, only the 5 most common bonuses are picked. There are plenty of others besides them, but at least these top 5 will help you learn more about bonus in online betting.

Welcome bonus

Sportsbook usually offer this bonus for new customers after they made their first deposit. It’s either calculated based on the user’s first deposit or fixed amount of money. However, in order to withdraw the bonus, most sportsbook usually require new members to spend in on several bets.

Cash bonus

Cash bonus is pretty similar to welcome bonus, as sportsbook usually offer it to welcome new members. However, there are two differences among them. First, cash bonus is usually smaller than welcome bonus. Second, player can withdraw the bonus any time.

No deposit bonus

There’s one more reason people join online sportsbook: there’s nothing such as a single bonus. Besides a welcome bonus, sportsbook usually offer no deposit bonus to welcome new members. Sportsbook will place this bonus into the user’s deposit so he/she can make few bets without using his/her own money. However, it’s best to remember that no-deposit bonus comes with higher rates of rollover and many wagering requirements. That’s the reason this bonus is a perfect choice for new players who don’t want to risk their own money and learn how the platform works before using their own money.

Reload Bonus

Once player has received the welcome bonus, some sportsbook will offer another bonus on the next deposit. This time they call it reload bonus. It is smaller than the welcome bonus and usually, only available during special promotions.

Free bet bonus

The last bonus is free bet bonus. This kind of bonus allows players to place their wagers without any risk to lose their own money. Players can acquire this bonus at no cost and without any need to make a preliminary deposit. Also, if player wins, he/she can collect the winning. Sportsbook usually offer this bonus after a player placed at least a single bet on any sport event. In most cases, this bonus is available after the player has met several wagering requirements the sportsbook set before.

Yep, these are the 5 most common bonus on online betting, especially sports betting. Get to know them all before placing the bet because all of them can help players in securing their chance to win.

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